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SEASON 2 | The Price of Care: Taken by the State
For over two years, the ABC10 Originals team has been investigating California conservatorships, a broken system leading to the abuse of some of the most vulnerable Californians. In season two, investigative reporter Andie Judson digs into limited conservatorships - a type of conservatorship for those with disabilities. Through five parts, her reporting exposes the alarming practices of the state agency responsible for the rights and needs of all Californians with disabilities, including separating families by conserving people with disabilities and cutting all contact and communication with their loved ones.

- Episode 1: Garth Schutte
- Episode 2: Andrew Findley
- Episode 3: Martin Bui
- Episode 4: Mickey Parisio
- Episode 5: Marie Bergum
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Burning Grizzly Flats
Grizzly Flats was the Caldor Fire's first victim but decades-old studies showed Grizzly could one day burn. Promises were made to protect it, but were not kept.

Golden Cage: Trapped at the US-Mexico Border
After a judge blocked lifting Title 42, a Trump-era health order restricting travel over U.S. borders in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19, Investigative Reporter Andie Judson and John Bartell went to the border to give northern Californians a first-hand look at the issues, policies, faces and stories.

What's the cost of police who refuse to change use-of-force policies? Lives and taxpayer money
Years before George Floyd died at the hands of police, an Elk Grove man died under similar circumstances. Why positional asphyxia and a lack of policy is troubling.

- Article: Deadly restraints by local police continue to happen as policies go unchanged, costing taxpayers millions
- 2020 Emmy winner for Investigative Single Report | Northern California 2020 Emmy Awards

Northern California growing into 'mega-region' as people moving from the Bay to Sacramento doubles
Working from home means you can change where home is. Massive migration in Northern California has impacted housing prices, politics and more in our area.

Thousands of endangered Afghans trapped as U.S. Immigration Services remains stagnant
An investigation into an unkept promise by the United States, leaving those in Afghanistan who helped and serve our troops fearful for their lives and in jeopardy of retaliation by the Taliban. This is just one of multiple reports investigating the United States Immigration system's response to the end of the Afghan war. Other report links are below.

- U.S. Immigration responded to Ukraine in record time while making millions off Afghans in limbo
- 'I would've been in grave danger' | Afghan refugees come to Sacramento amid housing crisis
- In Afghanistan, she risked her life for an education. He was a translator. Their journey to the U.S.

Fighting flames & stereotypes | Being a woman in the mostly male world of firefighting
Women make up less than 10-percent of the United States' Fire Service. As wildfires continue to grow bigger and more destructive each year, we wanted to get to know the women on the frontlines, hearing their stories, challenges and digging into why we don't see more women fighting the flames.

- Article: What it's like being a woman in the male-dominated world of firefighting
- 2021 Edward R. Murrow Award Winner for Feature Reporting

SEASON 1 | The Price of Care: Investigating California Conservatorships
Many have heard of conservatorships recently by way of Britney Spears or the Golden Globe winning Netflix film, “I Care a Lot.” In season one of this ABC10 Originals 5-part series, “The Price of Care: Investigating California Conservatorships” by investigative reporter Andie Judson, dives into the systemic issues of conservatorships in California and what's being done to regulate this $13-billion-dollar industry.

- Episode 1: Civil Death
- Episode 2: Patterns of Control
- Episode 3: The Old Boys' Club
- Episode 4: The Fight for Accountability
- Episode 5: Set up for Failure
- Article: The Price of Care: Investigating California Conservatorships
- Resources Article: Everything you need to know about conservatorships in California
- The story behind the story: ABC10 to release year-long investigation of California's conservatorship industry

Local deadly police shootings didn't lead to police reform. Why is George Floyd's death different?
Multiple deaths of black men by police in Sacramento sparked massive unrest. So why are we seeing a change from city leaders following Minneapolis-resident George Floyd's death? This investigative piece dives into how officer-involved shootings are investigated by district attorneys... and why there's concern with that.

- Article: Sacramento district attorney has never prosecuted or charged a law enforcement officer since she was elected
- 2020 Emmy winner for Politics/Government/Societal Concerns - Long Form Content | Northern California 2020 Emmy Awards

A pandemic like (n)one before
Mask enforcement, an election year, lack of testing...sounds a lot like the COVID-19 pandemic? In actuality this took place 102 years ago.

- Article: A pandemic like (n)one before: What history conveys about past outbreaks

How essential farmworkers have been hit hard by the coronavirus
As the entire globe deals with the coronavirus pandemic, one particular group here has been hit hard: the Hispanic community. These are the people who haven’t been able to stay home because many of them, locally, work in the agricultural industry - picking and harvesting the food that feeds millions and millions of Americans and generates billions in revenue. Reporter Andie Judson's investigation is an inside look at why these essential workers are being disproportionately devastated by COVID-19.

- Episode 1: How essential farmworkers have been hit hard by the coronavirus
- Episode 2: Cultural barriers essential farmworkers face during COVID-19 pandemic
- Episode 3: Protecting agriculture workers during the coronavirus pandemic
- Article: Essential agriculture workers have been hit devastatingly hard by the coronavirus

'Statistically, this is very unusual' | The same seven officers were involved in multiple shootings in Sacramento County
From data gathered through law enforcement, the Department of Justice and the District Attorney, our investigation found that 11 of the 46 officer involved shootings that have occurred since 2014 involved the same officers. Why are the same officers repeatedly involved in shootings? We went directly to them to ask.

- Article: 'Statistically, this is very unusual' | The same seven officers were involved in multiple shootings in Sacramento County